Karate Principles


An instructional DVD with a difference – Karate Principles doesn’t show how to do basic technique; it doesn’t show any kata, there isn’t any kumite in it! What Karate Principles does is explore the fundamental biomechanical processes that underpin all karate movement. Whether you are just starting out on your karate journey or a seasoned instructor looking for inspiration for your classes, the ideas expressed in this DVD will prove invaluable. Karate Principles offers detailed explanations, training tips, and drills that will highlight, challenge and develop areas that test even the most experienced practitioner of our great art.

Scott Langley is the Chief Technical Director of Hombu Dojo Karate International. Best-selling author and an internationally respected instructor, Scott teaches full-time at his dojo in Dublin, Ireland and can found most weekends travelling far and wide teaching the art that he has honed over the last thirty-five years.