How to Join HDKI

Any group wishing to join the HDKI should contact the HDKI Headquarters directly or consult a HDKI representative. They should provide a brief resume of their senior instructors and at the same time address any queries they may have. They should inform the HDKI how they wish the community to support them and investigate how they can develop within the community.

Once approved by the International Council, national affiliates will be given a separate page dedicated to them on and any support they require to set up or promote their group. They will also be able to avail of high quality HDKI License books, certificates and other HDKI resources. All these are available directly to the national affiliate through the HDKI website.

All new members will have a probationary period of one year were both the international community and the new members can adjust and develop to the organisation’s growth.
If, after a year, the affiliation is not mutually beneficial, the Chief Technical Director can terminate membership. However, once affiliates have passed the probationary period, all disagreements must be rectified privately by the International Council. Affiliated members can only be expelled with a two-third majority of the International Council.

Individual membership is possible, but only through an existing HDKI affiliated dojo.